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YETI Customized Platinum | Cascade XRS Helmet

The helmet is custom Platinum Silver and has a black face cage. 
YETI all new 21/22 Season helmet wrap applied!


More Yeti Gear

U10  U12 (10).png

New Yeti Gloves

Custom Maverick Romes

  • Pre-order to arrive after the first of the year

  • Various Sizes Available

  • $165

U10  U12 (13).png

Yeti Helmet & Glove Bundle

Cascade XRS + Maverick Rome

  • Cascade XRS Available Now

  • Maverick Rome is available for pre-order

  • $440

U10  U12 (12).png

New Yeti Sticker Pack

Cascade S Yeti Sticker Pack

  • Available now!

  • Updates your Yeti S to look like the new Cascade Yeti XRS

  • $25

U10  U12 (11).png

Yeti Duffle Bag

  • $75

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