Team Construct

Player Placement / Team Construct Policy


The goal of the Player Placement / Team Construct process is allowing the YETI Directors to:

  • Assign athletes with similar skill sets to appropriate levels (teams) that will promote the growth and improvement of their lacrosse skills and objectives.
  • Create teams that will appropriately represent the YETI program at events and tournaments that are in the correct divisional level and have the appropriately skilled players on them

During season tryouts each athlete goes through an extensive evaluations process using the SkilllShark lacrosse evaluation software.  Using this data and the coaches/director’s knowledge of the players that they coach(ed), a placement is made.  All YETI Directors and Coaches are involved in placement decisions

Policy Details

1.  As a parent / athlete / coach  associated with YETI Lacrosse I; 

1.1.  understand he or she will be placed on a team that will best develop and build lacrosse skills.

1.2.  acknowledge the YETI Lacrosse coaching staff will make all final decisions related to team placements.

1.3.  will respect and consider team placement decisions and understand that I have the opportunity to discuss player placement with the appropriate level coaches and evaluators.

2.  Player Movement Opportunities

2.1.  All players, regardless of the team they are currently placed on have the ability to be moved up a level if the athlete shows a significant improvement in skills that were flagged during evaluations

2.2.  Players may also be moved down levels if skills or performance declines are noticed by coaches or directors.

3. Teams are named with colors and/or grad years to indicate the level of play mostly for tournament purposes.

3.1.  Based on skill level team are named BLUE, BLACK & ACADEMY.