Video / Photo

Photo / Video Waiver Policy


Parents, YETI LACROSSE staff (Coaches, Team Moms, etc.) or other non-related entities may Video and/or  Photograph athletes participating in any YETI LACROSSE game, practice, gathering or other event or activity

individually or in groups. The videos and/or photographs may appear in YETI LACROSSE promotion, publicity or web site content.

Policy Details

1.  As a parent / athlete / coach  associated with YETI Lacrosse I;

1.1 ..consent to having their picture or video taken or appear (unbeknownst to them) in said photos or videos.
1.2  ...release the YETI LACROSSE Program from any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement of moral rights or copyright of all photographs and/or videos in question.
1.3 ...acknowledge that he YETI LACROSSE Program and its appointed officials shall not use any photo or video for uses other than promotion, advertisement, publicity or web site content of the YETI LACROSSE program.

2.  The Photo/Video Policy also applies to the Social Media Code of Conduct Policy